Watercolour is an obsession, and has been for as long as I can remember. I love its unpredictability, spontaneity, and array of effects that no other medium can produce. Most of my paintings are in watercolour, but some are in other media (ink, charcoal, pastel).

For decades, I'd always fitted painting around working full time - firstly in research after PhD and then business, until three years ago when I decided to devote my time entirely to what I love doing.

I aim to push the medium to capture mood and light, from real or imagined landscapes and seascapes. Consideration of composition and design are intrinsic parts of the creative process, long before paint ever touches the paper.

Being based in the UK, there are many sources of inspiration, including Staithes and Whitby in North Yorkshire, where the winter storms and wild seas are amazing.

Although I paint from imagination for a lot of studio paintings, calling on sketchbooks and visual memories, I also enjoy the immediacy and challenges of painting "plein-air", in the UK or warmer climes abroad, often in a good red wine region.

I enjoy doing demos, workshops and commissions, from time to time.

Warm regards